Decorating your apartment is the best part of moving! Make your apartment unique; it’s your space to express yourself. Decorations are like a picture; one is worth one thousand words. Bring your apartment to life with the right decorations. You don’t have to spend a fortune; you just have to compliment the space. Give yourself plenty of time to decorate, and don’t be hasty. Read about our decorating tips below.

What is the Benefit of Using Light Colors?

A light color scheme will stretch the light in your apartment. A light color scheme is another terrific strategy to make your apartment appear larger than it truly is. Whites, soft blues, and yellows are safe choices for neutral palettes. Use dark colors minimally and reserve them to create a focal point or a contrasting “pop” in your apartment.

How Can I Repurpose Furniture?

Repurposing furniture is a great way to save time and money when decorating your apartment. Instead of spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on new furniture that will go out of style soon, purchase used furniture. Antique stores, thrift stores, and even Facebook Marketplace are excellent resources to track down cheap furniture.

Purchase used furniture and redesign it to give it new life. Why spend days looking for a one-of-a-kind piece when you can find and alter something that already exists? Once the design bug bites, you’ll be repurposing coffee tables, picture frames, and even your bed frame!

How Do Mirrors Manipulate Space?

Mirrors are a valuable asset for making your apartment appear bigger than it truly is. Many restaurants hang mirrors on the wall to make their dining room appear gigantic. You can do the same in your apartment.

Find creative ways to hang mirrors. You can put them in corners near the floor, in hallways on a wall, even angled from the ceiling. If you have an open concept, you can figure out a way to hang a mirror to watch the TV in the living room from your kitchen while you prepare meals.

Why Should I Have Plants in My Apartment?

Plants are some of the best decorations because they (quite literally) add life to every space. Plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which will improve the air quality in your apartment.

Be mindful of how much sunlight shines into your apartment; some plants require more than others. If you haven’t earned your green thumb, don’t fret; many plants require little care. All you have to do is put it in the sunlight, rotate it occasionally, and ensure the soil doesn’t go bone-dry.

What is Decoration Density?

Decoration density is how many items you have in one spot. You don’t want all your decorations in one area. It’s better to have a balance throughout your entire apartment. A healthy “middle of the road” balance will let your design theme flow eloquently and maintain a beautiful continuity.

How Often Should I Organize My Apartment?

It’s essential to organize frequently to prevent clutter. The most common clutter culprits are paperwork, mail, and miscellaneous items. Developing a minimalist mindset will help save space in your apartment. It’s okay to have a few sentimental possessions, but don’t fall down the hoarder hole.

The less you own, the easier it is to organize. If you can designate one day a week to throwing out useless belongings, your apartment will stay in ship shape. If you can’t fathom the idea of organizing your apartment in one day, focus on one room each day to divide one large task into several smaller, more manageable tasks.

Decorating an apartment is a super fun journey. You get to make so many choices to make your space your own. Think about what colors you want to use, and then find furniture that accommodates the area and the colors you chose. If a spot feels small, find a mirror to make it bigger. If a spot seems empty, put a plant in its place. After you fill your apartment with furniture, mirrors, and plants, you’ll realize you’ve already done most of the heavy lifting.