There are many factors to consider when you hunt for an apartment. The three most prominent factors will be the community’s location, amenities, and units. If you’re hunting for the first time, learn what and how to look for an apartment in the paragraphs below!

Why is Location Important When Hunting for an Apartment?

Location is critical. Where you live will dictate your commutes. You don’t want to live somewhere that requires an hour’s drive to work, a 20-minute drive to the closest grocery store, and miles from your bank.

If you have to drive far or make numerous bus connections, you will spend more time in transportation than being where you want. The apartment community you choose must give you short commute times so you can keep cash in your pocket and time on your side.

How Do Amenities Influence My Decision?

All apartment communities have amenities. You must decide what amenities you need. If you have a gym membership, look for a community with a fitness center. If you frequently shop online, ensure the community has a secure package delivery protocol.

You must know what amenities each community offers. Some amenities require payment, while many are included in your rent. You want to ensure the community you live in offers amenities you will use. If you’re torn between two communities with excellent locations and commute times, let the amenities decide which one you sign a lease with.

How Can Floor Plans and Virtual Tours Help My Apartment Hunt?

Apartment communities offer various floor plans and finishes to give residents options. You may prefer dark wood, while others prefer light wood. You might want an open concept, while others may want a closed concept. Floor plans let you see the layouts and dimensions of an apartment community’s units without committing to a tour.

If a floor plan catches your eye, take a look at its virtual tour. Virtual tours let you see exactly what the space looks like from your fingertips. Virtual tours show everything a unit offers; the appliances, the views, and even how many electrical outlets you’d have. When you’ve found a floor plan and love the unit’s virtual tour, call the leasing office and schedule a tour.

How Do I Schedule Apartment Tours?

Schedule apartment tours efficiently. If you want to tour several communities near each other, schedule them on the same day. Apartment tours are like running errands; it’s best to perform several at one outing rather than one at a time.

Give yourself some buffer time if one runs late; the leasing agent showing you the apartment will appreciate you respecting their time, and you’ll make an excellent first impression.

Hunting for an apartment is the thrill of the chase! Touring each community and making your own decisions about the neighborhood, community, and staff makes it fun. Imagine yourself living in each apartment community you tour; how will you place your furniture, what do you like, and what do you dislike? What is non-negotiable, and what are you willing to compromise? Are there other residents around your age, or are you the community’s youngest (or oldest) tenant? Take what you have learned and embark on your hunt for an apartment!