Apartment chores can feel unending. Fortunately, a few tasks only need to be done once a year. After you finish your daily cleaning routine, check out these chores you may have left in the dust. Don’t let them overwhelm you; you have 365 days to do them.

How Do I Clean My Apartment’s Curtains, Drapes, and Shades?

Despite hanging from a ceiling rod, curtains, drapes, and shades gather grime. It’s easy to fly passed them during daily cleaning, so tidy them up at least once each year. Simply follow the cleaning instructions for your drapes and curtains (they’re probably similar to clothes).

Use a microfiber duster or vacuum with a brush attachment to clean your shades. With your windows and walls exposed, use this opportunity to clean the windowsill, glass, curtain rods, and wall space usually shielded by the curtains, drapes, and shades.

When Should I Clean My Outdoor Furniture?

The best time to clean outdoor furniture is when you first bring it out for summer or before storing it for winter. Outdoor furniture is usually pretty resilient by nature, so you’ll only need soap and water. Once you have rinsed off the soap, let it sit in the sun to dry.

When Should I Clean Carpet and Upholstered Furniture?

August or September are the optimal months to clean your carpets. If you don’t have air conditioning, you most likely had your windows open all summer, blowing debris into your apartment. Shampoo your carpets before it gets cold so the sunshine can dry them out.

Likewise, cleaning your carpets and upholstered furniture will remove stains and odors. It’s critical to clean them at least once a year to avoid a run-down and neglected-looking apartment.

How Do I Clean a Mattress?

Strip your bedding, throw it in the wash, and work on your mattress. Your mattress cover should be cleaned using a “sanitize” setting to eliminate all germs and bacteria. Vacuum your mattress before using warm water and fabric cleaner to spot clean your mattress. Now is a great time to flip or rotate your mattress for even wear (like a tire rotation).

When Should I Clean My Kitchen Pantry, Cabinets, and Drawers?

The best time is to do this just before the holidays (especially if you intend to host). Empty your pantry, cabinets, and drawers one at a time. Trash all expired food and make a grocery list of what you need to purchase. Your clean kitchen will undoubtedly impress your holiday guests.

How Do I Clean My Apartment’s Linen Closet?

Take all your linens out of the closet and sort them into two stacks: one used and another unused. Donate (or sell) the unused and throw away all the tattered old linens. Next, vacuum and dust all the cobwebs. When you place your linens back in the closet, arrange them by season and what is used the most. Ensure all linens are folded neatly to avoid wrinkles and creases.

What’s the Best Way to Organize Documents and Files?

You must sort your paperwork and digital documents at least once a year. Scan all physical copies, store them digitally, and shred the paper copies. Store the last seven years of taxes as a physical copy; any taxes older than seven years can be shredded.

With as many records stored as digital files, you will eliminate paper clutter in your apartment. For safety, save digital records in two or three different locations, such as your computer’s desktop/documents, a cloud drive, an external hard drive, or even a jump drive. There will be fewer documents in your filing cabinet to search through.

Apartment chores don’t have to take up your whole day; some just need a few hours each year. It’s imperative to take the time to perform these chores at least once a year to maintain a clean apartment (and receive your security deposit). An organized apartment is an organized mind. Not only will your mental health improve, but your physical health will appreciate clean walls, cabinets, and furniture.